June 2, 2009

Gatlin; Family

I have wanted to use my membership to the Kern County Museum (Pioneer Village) for a family session all year and finally got the opportunity with Don and Dora and their family. The museum has endless amounts of photo opportunities and we took advantage of them all.

It was a hot day, the guys complained (as guys usually do), the toddler wanted to do his own thing (as toddlers usually do) and the ladies looked fabulous, cause you know, that's what ladies do.

They are quite the doting grandparents to little Sam.

Seriously, could his puppy dog eyes be any more adorable??

Sam pretty much has Uncle Jerry wrapped around his little finger.

A little fish-eye fun.

And let's not forget the love birds.

Thanks guys! It was a fun (and hot!) afternoon with you!


Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Those ones of Sam are SO cute! Way to capture the family Lorie, these are so precious. And yes, I bet you had so much fun at that location. I can only imagine as that place is so cool!

Momma D said...

Lorie we had so much fun shooting with you. I have to admit Don was not happing about inturrupting his day of working on the race car, but in the end he admitted it was a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for double booking and spending the hot muggy afternoon hanging out with us.

Now to take the time to pick out photos for the grandparents and the walls.

Thanks again, we LOVE all of the photos!

Elizabeth said...

You are the best Lorie!!!!!
You always do a fantastic job!

Band of Brothers said...

on the 3rd shot down, 76 station, how on earth did you get sam to pose like that? very impressive!

i LOVED this photo session!