August 7, 2009

Kylie, Ben & Co; Family

Meet sweet Ben...

And his spunky sister Kylie.

They are pretty much adorable.

This series just cracked me up.

They're pretty much hilarious.

I absolutely adore it when kids are themselves in front of the camera. It's a joy to capture they're little personalities and not just poses.

And it helps when they have beautiful photogenic parents as well.

Put that together and you get one FUN session.

And when it's 105 degrees and the kids were this cooperative, there's nothing like ending the session in the pool!

Thanks guys! Despite the heat, it was so much fun with you!


Jenn said...

They are just adorable!!! Love these Lorie!

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Adorable, so precious, you are so good with light my dear! You rocked this shoot and this family is extremely blessed to have been photographed by the great Lorie Chambless! Love you!

Mama2 said...

Absolutely so darn cute.