August 17, 2009

Awaiting #4; Expecting

My sister-in-law is currently in the hospital waiting for her fourth baby to arrive, and I'm aching to go and meet my niece! But until it's time, I'm posting their maternity pictures from last week. Enjoy!

Ella my first ever niece. She still holds quite a chunk of my heart.

Then Tess came along and melted me to my core. Seriously, such a charmer.

After two girls who knew this little man named Grady would come along and kill me. His red curls, his blue eyes. Swoon!

But this post is suppose to be about baby girl number 3, with a name yet to be determined.

Isn't my sister just the most beautiful pregnant woman ever? She doesn't just glow, she radiates.

Come on baby girl! Your auntie is dying to meet you!


Sally said...

Oh, I'm SOOO glad you posted this. I've been dying for belly shots of Sar! I'm waiting for that text or email or call or fb post to update me. Praying for safe and healthy delivery, baby and mom!!

The Thompson Family said...

Seriously such an adorable family!! Sara is radiatingly beautiful pregnant and not pregnant! Can't wait to see who this new babe is. Beautiful pictures!

Jenn said...

She is the cutest pregnant woman ever! Love that girl and her adorable family. Thanks for posting these today!

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Gosh, such a perfect looking family! She is a beautiful pregnant woman, holy cow! These are so great Lorie, the way you capture light is amazing and I love your new style of editing too! Congrats on being an auntie again!

*CPA* Su said...

STUNNING pictures!!! Their entire family is beautiful and she Mama Sara is absolutely glowing!!! Congrats new Auntie!

molly june. said...

such sweet pictures, lorie! all that redheaded goodness is KILLING ME!!!! loving the name ada too! hmmm, maybe an ada will be in my future? audrey, ellie, & ada! haha!

Marge said...

SOOOOOO cute! And yes, Sara radiates! :)