July 13, 2009

Justin & Jessica; Engaged

There's a building at the outskirts of town that has been calling my name for months. It looked like it might require some trespassing and so I put it in my pocket and waited for someone as adventurous as I.

Enter Justin and Jessica. I've known Justin since we were toddlers. His annual family Christmas cards are always atop some cliff or mountain range, often with their bikes in tow. Jessica is learning. =) They have a simple sweet relationship, one of trust and love and dependence and friendship. They were game for trespassing and a little off-roading. The weather was perfect and we only finally ended our session when the sun went down. It was perfection, even if we were nearly attacked by a barn owl.

Love you guys!

And thanks to my brother for tagging along and second shooting!


Band of Brothers said...

Lorie Beth! I think this is your most impressive photo shoot of all time! Like seriously fantastic! WOW!

See Sherm Blog said...

These are super cute! LOVE the location. I will forever be jealous of your locations. Temecula needs some serious help in the "abandoned building" department. :-)

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

wow! Those are impressive!

sarah marie p said...

These pictures are so beautiful! Love the cool locations! That building is rad! Congrats to the sweet couple!