November 1, 2010

Thompson; Family

I have beautiful friends.

I adore this picture.

Aubrey Paige, you are adorable. You are the very definition of precocious. And I love that about you.

Juliet Noelle, I don't think I've ever seen a baby with a bigger smile. You are all sweetness.

Is it weird that I love that she's picking her nose? Cause I do. And I am. Weird.

Love you guys. Even you Justin ;)


Band of Brothers said...

Dang what a good lookin' bunch.

Barbie, you are a hottie!

LOVE them all! My vote for Christmas card is #1!

Barbie said...

Ahhh.. LOVE THEM! Thank you so much, Lorie! Can't wait to pick up the disk.

And you know what, I like the nose picking one too. LOL.

Ashley said...

These are beautiful :0) i love them... i love your picture takin skills :0) i could just look at your pictures all day...

DavidLee said...

Love'em Sis!!