March 27, 2009

Bradfield; Expecting

The thing about Emily is that she can make me pee my pants laughing.... that it's completely 100% her fault that I am now a country music fan.... that she helped me survive the high's and low's of high school... that she has lived in the same town her entire life and still has to ask directions to get home.... that she says the dumbest things, and has no problem laughing at herself... that I've never known anyone who has wanted this more.... that she's going to be a fantastic mom... that I would never have guessed here we would be, almost a decade later, experiencing pregnancy together.

Eric and Emily, I am so incredibly excited for you guys and can't wait to meet little Carson!


Jenn said...

Lorie, I love this location...maybe for our shoot? These pics are gorgeous!

Ashley said...


Eric and Emily said...

I had fun, thanks Lorie!!! Haha, I do say some dumb stuff don't I? ; ) Such fun pictures!!!